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People who live in the city due to pressure of work and lack of proper exercise may lead them became overweight, mental strain, nervous break down or suffer some other common illness. Tai Chi Chuan is one of the best exercise for all ages. In performance, it looks like classical dancing with graceful movement. Through the constant practice of Tai Chi Chuan over a period of time, the rhythmic movement gives a gentle message to the stomach and intestines and this will serves general will beings for our alimentary system and other internal organs. The harmonious motion is not only can strengthen different part of our internal organs, it can also provide a greater blood circulation and can be beneficial to our central nervous system, thus, our mind will be tranquil, breathing and body function will be in harmony and relaxed.

Tai Chi Chuan is one of the best exercise for those who suffer high blood pressure or heart diseases. Since some other sports and exercises need too much stress and strain in engaging. The harmonious and soft movement is sure way to benefit the health.

In ancient time, some taoist martial art in order to defend from attack bandits or improve the meditation and physical health while they lived in some remote mountain places of China, to learn Tai Chi Self-Defence can provide a sophisticated method for self-defence against the enemy, as each movements of the Tai Chi Hand Form have a application for defence and attack.

Regarding in self-defence, there are two main principles when we are facing with the enemy, a calm mind and quick respond. The soft and slow movement of the Hand Form can train us to attain calmness and relaxation in which will be an advantage in self-defence. The soft and slow movement training can cultivate and develop a speedy reaction and calmness when we facing opponents.

Tai Chi Chuan was attributed by Taoism and the art is consists of both spiritual and motion, it flows like a running water of river and fellows the rhythm of nature, this performance is in concord with the concept of Tai Chi theory, embracing both Yin and Yang with motion and stillness of life in unity, which agree with the Tao, the way of life and attain the balance of Yin and Yang, this leads us to draw an enlightment and inspiration in nature.


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Last Update : 2016/05/18