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Tai Chi Chuan is one of the oldest school of Chinese Martial Arts, as it is also one of the most popular exercise around over all the world. Tai Chi Chuan can be practiced by people of all ages. By the practice of slow and soft movements of Tai Chi Chuan you can get a mental peace and a top physical condition.

The word Tai Chi comes originally from one of the oldest books in Chinese literature:    I-Ching  or the “Book of Changes”. The concept of this philosophy dates from more or less 3,000 B.C.; according to I-Ching, Tai Chi gives origin to two basic concepts: Yin and Yang; Yin represents softness, weakness, the feminine, Earth, Moon, Night, sadness the negative and all the dark side of matter, Yang represent hardness, strength, masculine, heaven, day, Sun, happiness the positive and the bright side of matter.

Chinese philosophy is divided in three basic branches: Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. The philosophy of Taoism has concepts of Tai Chi that gets its base in the genesis of the universe and gives birth to the two forces, Yin and Yang. The Chinese way of thinking is basically influenced by these three philosophies.

Tai in Chinese means literally “Supreme” Chi means “Ultimate” and Chuan means “Fist”, style or martial arts. The founder of Tai Chi Chuan, observed the behaviour of animals with high grade of longevity, the phenomenon of create and dissolve of Yin and Yang and applies the theory that softness defeats hardness and vice versa. So that is the way that the transcendental art of Tai Chi Chuan was created. The theory of Tai Chi has been comprehensibly used in Chinese philosophy, medicine, martial arts and military strategies.


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Last Update : 2016/05/18